2017 Nashville Beer Festival

Nashville Beer and Wine Festival


For the third year in a row, the organizers insisted on having Avista Media as their Photography Management Partner for the 2017 festival at the Nashville Fairgrounds.  Their charity partner Cupid Charities raises funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation

Avista Media’s team of Professional-Class Event Photographers, a Location Manager to manage the photography during the festival, and a Project Manager kept all those parts working to delivers top-quality images, on time.

time-managementAvista Media specializes in Event Photography and knows what it looks like and how it works from the inside.   We also know how valuable your time is and how much of a hassle it can be.  We can save you that time and take the hassle from you.

The organizers of the Nashville Beer Festival will be saving a TON of time and hassle by commissioning Avista Media to manage something that seems so simple on the surface; Event Photography.  This year, they are:

  • NOT having to deal with the hassle of finding qualified professionals to photograph their guests all day.  Avista Media manages a list of pre-screened Professional Photographers that are all qualified and experienced, equipped and accountable.
  • NOT having to manage several different contracts.  You enter One Project Agreement with Avista Media. Our professionals are presented with a complete script that includes your project agreement and agree to its terms by accepting the assignment.
  • NOT having to maintain several different conversations with multiple personalities, characters, and egos.  One conversation with your Avista Media Creative Project Manager is the only conversation you need to make it happen so you can get back to business without multiple interruptions from photographers and designers.
  • NOT having to babysit or search for the locations of photographers to photograph special requests or spotlight moments.  You have more important things to do than to hunt down your photography team for a special request or assignment.  Your event is assigned a Location Manager, who is equipped with a radio and commissioned to manage and monitor the locations of the creative team and their logistics schedule.  The team is connected its own radio. Radio your Location Manager. and it happens.
  • NOT having to worry about collecting images from several different people in different formats that are processed differently, resulting in a set of images that fail to connect visually with each other.  Avista Media manages the collection of images and processes them in one pass to meet your project needs.  By having one process, the same size and format, and the same overlay on all your images, your image set will look and feel like they belong to the same event.
  • NOT having to deal with accepting the sub-par quality of images from unqualified or less experienced photographers.  You get what you pay for, and with Avista Media, you are paying for quality.  Our creative team is pre-screened and their skills and talent are evident the results they produce.
  • NOT having to manage several different forms of invoicing and payment.  You commission Avista Media to manage your creative needs and that’s it.  We take care of our team directly.

interview 1This year, it’s ONE email, ONE contract, ONE manager, ONE invoice, ONE payment, ONE qualified and experienced professional team, ONE huge collection of Professional images with higher marketing and production value.

If you want to promote your events, your event needs top-quality creative media, and Avista Media can manage the task of getting you high-quality creative media without the hassle that comes with making it happen.

Maximize the potential of your event by having your creative media tasks managed by Avista Media, and you can get down to business.

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