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Neighborhood Amenities

Sometimes, a view from above is what it takes to tell the story of a property, other times it just looks great and adds value to a listing.  We offer Aerial Packages in 3, 6, and 12 packs to fit your projects needs.

The NAR has repeatedly confirmed that Aerial Photography substantially increases most aspects of a sale, from less Days on Market all the way to increased Offers   Successful Realtors understand that the right blend of Aerial Images will lead to stronger offers and shorter-lived listings.   

Basic Elevated & Aerial Shot List

The Three Basics (our 3-Pack)

Our 3-Pack is great for the basics and helps out when there is a home on a hill where a ground-based photo simply can’t present the home properly.  In some cases, when the front of the home is facing a downhill, it is nearly impossible to get a good shot of the front of the home without doing it from the air, otherwise you’re left with an uphill photo that makes the home look smaller.  It’s also great for homes with backyard features that need to be shown.   Our 3-Pack includes these three basics and can be traded out for other types of shots, like for a property overview.  You can request which 3 shots you want in your 3-Pack, but we need to know ahead of time, otherwise you’ll get these three:

Elevated FOH

Elevated Front of House (EFOH): A basic presentation of the home at an elevated view. This shot is typically done from the height of the top of the first floor windows to the gutter-line; this lowers the horizon line.
Included in the 3, 6, and 12 pack.

Elevated Angled FOH

Elevated Angled Front of House (EFOH-A): Typically matching the altitude of the EFOH, but at an angle that adds a dynamic visual allowing the SIZE of the home to be naturally discernible.
Included in the 3, 6, and 12 pack.

Elevated BOH

Elevated Back of House (EBOH): Typically matching the altitude of the EFOH shot, but from behind the home.
Included in the 3, 6, and 12 pack.

The OTHER Three Basics (our 6-Pack)

These next three basic shots are added to our 6-Pack defaults.  Random fact: “Elevated” is the technical UAV term used for shots taken at or below the roof-line; anything above the roof-line is referred to as an “Aerial” shot.  No special permissions are needed for “Elevated” photos.  Be sure to specify which shots you want in your Aerial Photography Package.

Elevated Angled BOH

Elevated Angled Back of House (EBOH-A): Similar to the EFOH-A. This shot is a perfect way to spotlight homes with backyard features like Decks or Pools.
Included in the 6, and 12 pack.

Aerial Property Overview

The Aerial Property Overview (APO) presents the property layout from above, typically the property fence-lines. Licensed UAV Pilots are restricted to a 400-Foot Altitude Limitation which will get you a few acres.
Included in the 6, and 12 pack.

Aerial Roof Inspection

The Aerial Roof Inspection (ARI) presents a closeup of the Roof from above. Providing this information offers honest transparency to potential buyers, will help you manage your sellers expectations, and avoid embarrassing roof related surprises.
Included in the 6, and 12 pack.

Additional Features and Amenities

Excellent to spotlight and present Neighborhood Features or Home Features that either need Aerial Representation or to reach views that present a more complete story to the listing.  There are about 2 dozen more types of shots, but these next few shots should give you an accurate idea on why you should consider a 12-Pack!  A Must-Have for homes in feature-filled neighborhoods with Golf Courses or Lodges and Community Centers with Pools!

Elevated Home Feature

The Elevated Home Feature (EHF) is a must-have for homes with features difficult to present from the ground, such as the 2nd-Floor Deck shown here.

Elevated Property Feature

Elevated Property Features (EPF) are things like Pools and Hardscapes that are not specifically part of the home. This can include Creeks, Ponds, Putting Greens, Equestrian Amenities, Farms & Barns and the like.

Aerial Front of House

The Aerial Front of House (AFOH) shot is a must-have for larger estates (anything over 4,000 SqFt) or properties that have an elaborate entrance or front yard. Keep in mind, the higher the shot, the smaller the buildings get in the view.

Alternate Aerial Property Overview

Sometimes you just need to back away to get the whole story, and Alternate Aerial Property Overviews (APO-A) can accomplish just that! If there is a lot of yard, equestrian training features, private golf-course, this is a must-have.

Aerial Neighborhood Feature

Aerial Neighborhood Features (ANF) are great for neighborhoods with a Lodge or Club-House, Pools & Playgrounds, Parks or other significant features that offer great value to the listing.

Aerial Neighborhood Overview

Aerial Neighborhood Overviews (ANO) present a more complete idea of what the neighborhood looks like and can even spark the imagination as to what it would be like to live there. You get to see a bit of your neighbors homes that are relative to your home.

Aerial Lake View

Aerial Lake Views (ALV) are a must-have if the home is near a lake! These inspire lifestyle and charge the potential buyers to action, because they know there's no life like the sale-life.

Aerial Twilight

Twilight Photos are a special category of their own.  Aerial Twilight Photos (ATW) require much more planning and the skill of flying at night, plus a return visit to the property and a good bit of editing to get it right.  Overall, one Aerial Twilight Photo will consume about 3 to 4 hours of time from arrival on location to delivery of a finished image.   You may not even know how pretty your neighborhood looks at night, but these images will present that part of the story.  If the house and neighbors have great landscape lighting, you need one of these.   These are typically scheduled around a sunset, the photographer has to show up early to identify the best shot angle and can typically only get 2 or 3 shots before the lack of lighting makes it impossible to get the right recipe. 

These are their own Package Item and can not be “traded” for another shot type in our other Aerial Packages.