The Team

We’re not in this alone.  Let’s connect and help transform your business image, meetings, events, and marketing strategies into something special.


Charles Shaffer

“With my Senior Consulting Partner Teresa Shaffer (my lovely wife), and the incredible talent I connect with along the way, I am taking my Professionally Creative Vision into the local business market armed with more than 20 independent years of production experience, armed with the working relationships of other equipped and highly trained event production professionals.” – C.Shaffer | Husband | Creative Professional | Owner


Our top team members are:
Teresa Shaffer | Senior Consulting Partner
Daniel Crandall | Top Assistant Photographer
Melissa del Rossi | Top Assistant Photographer
Shannon and Bowie Wheaton | Top Dynamic Duo of Photography and Design
Charles Shaffer | Creative Professional & Owner

We’re carefully growing our team to build a company that produces value.
Our Intern List will be posted soon.

Armed with that the gifts and people God has blessed us with, We are confident that our services will help your business, organization, or brand experience a whole new level of growth.

“I will make it my mission to increase your audience using Professionally Creative Content, effective project management, and superior service.  Let’s take a step forward, with myself and the Avista Media Creative Team, and let’s work on taking your creative projects to the next level.  God bless and thank you.”
– Charles Shaffer | Husband | Creative Professional | Owner

“Media, With a view”


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