Event Photography

Organizing an event is a massive task. It’s also a huge accomplishment, we will help make it bigger and better!

Every organization needs membership, audience, and support. developing powerful media that directly engages with them is one way to encourage strong growth.  We operate with a “partner” mindset in the way our professionals look, conduct themselves, perform and deliver well beyond the average “Freelance Photographer”.  In today’s culture, developing media that has stronger production and marketing value is essential.

Avista Media excels and specializes in Event Photography. Our workflow has been perfected down to a fine art.  Providing a streamlined and professional service to our clients and their customers are a top priority. Our job is complete when you and your customers are happy.


We are Photographers, in and out.  Every one of our Event Photography Team is a photographer, and we all share the goals of adding Production Value to an event while creating top-quality usable photos and images.  That’s just how we see it, and that’s just what you need.

Perfect Customer Service is a mission element.  At no cost to you, we can arrange a custom photo gallery, complete with various print/product ordering options for your guests, customers, and sponsors to order high-quality prints and products from a top quality provider.

Some good reasons to use an Event Photography Service:

time-management#1:  Time Management.   You manage your event – we manage the photography.  You only have to work with one Company, that assigns your project a personal Project Manager.  You won’t have to deal with several photographers multiple times at various stages of your event, you will only have to deal with ONE person that can handle the event photography workload for you as needed, from the planning phase, into and through the event production, all the way up to the closing of the project.
One person, as needed.

#2: Photographer Management.  We know what it looks like.  You hire us to manage the photography – we take care of the rest.

photographers-posing-to-get-a-shot-smalla.  You need to hunt down and qualify several photographers.  If you’ve done this before, you already know that craigslist offers an unlimited supply of unverified “professionals” of questionable accountability and sub-par quality.
We already have and manage a diverse list of qualified, experienced, and equipped photographers.  With Avista Media, the ones that don’t meet the standards your event requires won’t be shooting your event.

vip-passb.  You will be bothered by phone calls and radio calls to the front admission gates every time one of the photographers you hired shows up to sign them in and manage their paperwork, credentials, and guest passes with each photographer.  You have better things to do than to run back and forth at the opening of your event.
Our Photography Manager will handle that; Meeting with you upon arrival and taking care of photographer check-in’s, paperwork, credentials, and passes. 

man-looking-through-binoculars-360x360-300x180c.  You will need to monitor, babysit, and concern yourself with where photographers are located, if they are working, and if you need a special request completed, you will need to stop what you’re doing and hunt one (or several) down to direct them to the area needed.
All you will need to do is use your radio to call the Photography Manager, and they will deploy or position photographers to meet your needs.

too-many-emails-16bc58009e8d2c241136b12f90482a01d.  You will need to communicate with several photographers at several stages of your project, often several times, filing agreements and other forms, sending schedules and other questions, trying to get the images together, requesting invoices, and arranging payments in various forms.
You hire Avista Media; We hire them.  Our photographers are signed on to be covered the same agreement/contract between your production and Avista Media.  We manage all communications, scheduling, image management, invoices, and payments internally.

pile-of-photos-backgrounde.  Your event needs “Usable Images”.  If you have experienced this enough, you know that successful Event Photography boils down to what we call “Usable Images”.  You also know that every photographer has a different workflow and uses different processing methods, resulting in a wide inconsistency throughout the product.
Images from your event are internally collected, checked, culled, processed, and delivered in a single pass, using a specially designed workflow that allows thousands of images to be processed in little time.  Your images should have a consistent look with a variety of styles to give your customers, guests, and sponsors a top quality product for their investment.

solicitar-elockerf.  You will need your images as soon as you can get them.  If you’ve worked with various types of independent photographers on the same event before, you know what a challenge this can be.
Depending on the size of your event, our workflow can get your images finalized and delivered within 48 hours, often sooner.  We use two services to deliver images depending on their package size, one is an online gallery and the other is a FREE file-transfer service called WeTransfer.com.

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

zh-2005-z-xl1-5x72Alongside our excellent photography coverage, Avista Media is involved with video production with a range of other technical services. Offload some of your technical tasks to us and add serious value to your event production with a great promotional video. Many options are available and we can provide you with a quote today.

With Avista Media, you can rest assured that your event photography needs are covered.   Use the easy contact form below and let’s discuss your needs and options!

Interview HouseIf you are interested in signing on with Avista Media to be part of our Professional Creative Team, connect with us for a referral password and visit this page –> Jobs.