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Professionally Creative Photography | “Engage the Mind of your market.”

There are a few categories of Photography that exist, all of which apply to the Video Production label as well.  Regardless of the type of Photography your project needs, Avista Media will deliver results that creatively engage your market head-on – professionally.

Video-Shorts designed for high-view rankings in Social Media.

Process Demonstration videos.

Ariel Photography & Video | Corporate Photography | Engagement and Wedding Photography | VIP Photography | Event Photography | Talent and Entertainment Photography | Product and Advertsing Photography | Property and Estate Photography |  Personal and Family Photography | Landscape Photography | Macro Photography | Fine Art Photography

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“Scale and Creativity”

Using Composition, Perspective and Focus, our selection of equipped and highly qualified photographers can multiply your advertising potential with relevant and realistic images of your company, products or services.


Because of the level of expertise, training and equipment that is used, Photography and Video Production fall in to the “Production” category.  Assistants of various specialties are often recommended to create the Top Quality Results that your project deserves.  The results you get when you include a Production Staff (Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Lighting and Camera Assistant, Video Editor, Sound Recordist, and a Director) will have the look and feel of Top Quality.

Grolsch Beer Ad - "Party on"

“Realistic and Inspiring”

If your project warrants more than a Two-Camera production, we know the resources to accommodate.  By managing two separate lists of Event Production Professionals that has been growing over the last two and a half decades, there is room to plan within your budget.

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Brand Recognition


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“to the point”

We can assemble Photographers, Cinematographers, Audio Engineers, Lighting Engineers and Gaffers, Stage and Deck Hands, Event Production Specialists, DJ’s, Bartenders, and various warehouses and labor companies that rent any level of equipment or staff needed. Our only Photography and Video question would be,  “What level of Photography or Video Production does your project need?”

AVM Photography and Video Production

Submit this Contact Form to schedule an interview.  Schedule a time to meet and discuss a Production Strategy and let Avista Media present various options that make sense to your project.

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