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0 iGN Logo SimpleiGUIDE Nashville is an Avista Media brand.

iGN Features

iGUIDE Nashville provides a host of services to the following:

  • Licensed REALTORS® & Real Estate Brokers
  • Retail and Commercial Business Operations
  • Industrial and Construction Industry Operations
  • State & Local Offices and City Features
  • Tourism and Community Resources

2018-01-11 11_01_50-iGuide® 3D Tour for 2825 S Fox Troop Pl, Eagle, IDThe core feature of iGUIDE is the 3D interactive virtual tour viewer that incorporates an integrated floor plan alongside of a viewing window, a photo gallery, property details with professionally drafted downloadable floor plans, and nearby neighborhood information.  The viewer has viewer-accessible features that include the ability to make on-screen measurements, take snapshots of the viewer perspective, auto-play that will take you through each panoramic view one at a time, and an easy to use social media sharing feature.

1 iGN Report

The major benefit to the professionals that use the iGUIDE service is the iGUIDE Report.  This report includes the professional service rated room measurements, floor area calculations, 720° 3D Photospheres for Facebook, branded and unbranded media links, downloadable photos, a downloadable offline iGUIDE that can be operated without an internet connection or from a USB thumb drive, an easy to use feature sheet or property brochure creator, and a website embedding tool that gives you the code you need to publish the viewer on your own website.

AnalyticsEvery iGUIDE comes with a weekly Analytics Report that gives you a comprehensive breakdown of how your iGUIDE is performing. The report includes the All-time overall stats of visits, unique visitors and average visit duration. You also get a breakdown of the last 7 days that include your Visits, Unique/Returning visits, average visit duration, and the source referrals where your viewers are accessing your virtual tour.

The report also includes a breakdown of the last 8 weeks with the same stats along with an overall report of visit durations.

1 iGN FloorPlan StandardPerhaps one of the most popular features is the professionally drafted Floor Plans.  Realtors can have professional floor plans for the cost of most photography services.  Viewers can view and download these floorplans, or they can be optionally locked out of the virtual tour from public access.

2017-12-07 19_18_22-Home - iGUIDE VR

Another very cool feature is the Virtual Reality Mode that is available with Premium iGUIDE Packages.  With a headset and a smartphone (available almost anywhere), you can take an immersive virtual reality tour of an iGUIDE with an experience that is unique, engaging, and memorable.  This is best experienced sitting down in a rotating chair.

2017-12-07 19_17_46-Home - iGUIDE GoogleStreetview

iGUIDE holds a partnership with Google Street View.  Because of our accurate data, incredible engagement times, and superior quality imagery, Google has shaken hands with iGUIDE to publish Business Tours to Street View easily and quickly.

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