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True Professionals are Insured

Our photographers are insured members of the Professional Photographers of America.

Professional Photography beyond Real Estate


Corporate Professional Headshots by Avista Media

Look Great with our Headshots

Do you need to update your Professional Headshots? Does your team need an updated look? How about your whole office?

Professional Headshots are a hinge-pin of First Contact with your circle of influence. If you are in business today, you need them for yourself and for your team if you have one.

Our Portable Studio Kit can be setup in most locations to create Studio-Quality Portraits and Headshots. You can have your own updated privately, or schedule an in-office event for your staff to get their headshots updated with matching backgrounds, lighting and Professional Compositions that will add value to your brand.

Event Photography

Professional Event Photography by Avista Media

We were built on Event Photography

Planning an event? Fundraiser? Company parties? You’ll want a Professional Photographer there to capture the moments, someone with a trained energy radar that knows when to be where and how to make it happen in real-time.

Our extensive experience in the Event Photography industry begins back in 2005, three years before officially branding Avista Media. Today, we manage a list of well-qualified and equipped Professional Photographers, which means, whether you only need one Professional Photographer or a Team of Professional Photographers with an on-site Photography Manager, we can make it happen.

Corporate & Art

Let us deck the walls with YOUR VISION

Want your brand to shine online? Would you like to decorate your office with photographic art that connects with your brand culture and vision? Do you want a collection of images for print media, advertisements, websites and marketing that captures your target market?

Our experience with photography and art design is just what your brand needs to build a catalog of professional images that connect with your brand vision, workplace culture, clients and customers.

We can even create various artistic derivatives of the images to influence a more artistic feel in the office.

Commercial/ Industrial

Commercial Industrial Photography by Avista Media

Hard-Hats, Safety Glasses & Safety Vests

Photo-Documentation of a more Commercial & Industrial flavor requires a professional trained in the world of construction and industry operations. Safety is always a factor and we have Professional Photographers that have been safety certified many times over and understand the world (and rules) of the commercial/industrial workplace.

We will look like one of your safety officers, but our tools will look like camera equipment. In some cases, fancy camera equipment. We can produce 3d Virtual Tours of almost any facility or complex at almost any phase of construction or operation.

Google Business Tours

Google Business View - Trusted Photographer
Google Street View - Trusted Photographer

Showcase your Business on Google

We have the experience, equipment, and Google’s trust to showcase your business online where the rubber meets the road – on Google.

We have several 360°/720° Camera Systems for whatever business type you are looking to showcase. It can be as simple as a single panorama of your Customer Lobby, Featured Event Spaces, Art Gallery or Museum, or a complete facility tour.

Our “Business Update Package” includes three 720° Panoramic Images (“360 or 3D” images) and an optional collection of 10 Professional Images to update your social media profiles and online presentation in one visit.

Contact us to schedule your consultation for preparing your location for a great presentation and get your business updated on Google!