Sell Faster & For MORE!

Sell Your Home Faster and for More!

3D Virtual Tours provides the information home buyers find useful when searching for a home. They provide buyers with Property Photos, Room Dimensions, Accurate Square Footage Calculations, Floor Plans, and a 3D Virtual Tour. All of this information helps them through the home buying search to better determine if a home is right for them and their families.

The performance of 3D Virtual Tours in a market with over 500K in a population were studied. In this market segment, over 9,000 homes were sold over a 12-month period, while 15% of the homes sold had a 3D Virtual Tour. The study analyzed two different performance indicators, days on market and selling price to listing price ratio.

For days on market, listings with 3D Virtual Tours performed exceptionally well. Listings with 3D Virtual Tours sold up to 39% faster than properties with photos only and 14% faster than properties with video or other tours. The homes with 3D Virtual Tours sold at a 1.3% higher sale to list price ratio than listings with photos only and 0.6% higher than listings with videos and other tours.

By providing more crucial information, the 3D Virtual Tour enables buyers to make an informed purchasing decision faster and to better understand property value.

Imagine having the ability to walk through a property without taking off your shoes! That’s the beauty of a 3D virtual tour. Everyone wants to get the feel for a home, but the process can be expensive and time-consuming. Sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of photos to determine if a property is ideal to show your clients takes up valuable time.

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