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About us and the program:

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Avista Media started out in 2009 as an Event Photography & Social Media Marketing service for small businesses and event producers.  In 2018 we added Real Estate Services (via. iGUIDE NASHViLLE) to our menu and specialized in providing consistent professional services for the Real Estate market focusing on delivering high-quality photography, 3D Virtual Tour media with measurements and floor plan services, along with using marketing strategies designed to bring substantial value to a Realtors listings, brand & lifestyle.  Our plan included rebranding in 2020, which we have completed ahead of schedule.  

We are excited to announce that we are launching our Social Media Marketing Program specifically tailored for Real Estate Professionals.  

We will be accepting 5 Clients for the Spring-Summer season to run our initial program at a significant discount in establishing and updating their Social Media Presence.  We will assist with marketing listings using specific recipes we have learned from our exclusive network of Real Estate Service Providers across North America, along with a handful of marketing tricks of our own.

Our initial enrollment is focused on clients that have little to no Social Media Presence or Experience to establish an accurate overview of basic needs and benchmark of effectiveness before working with clients that are already established in their Social Media operations.

This program will be a 6-month term (with the option to renew) and intended to help our clients that want a stronger social media presence, network and assistance with their marketing strategy for their listings.

The initial launch of this program will include:

    • Access to Member Rates for Professional Services
    • Online Presence Review & Construction
    • Updated Photos & Images (brand representation update)
    • Social Media Network Building & Expansion
    • Scheduled Content Posts (Real Estate Topics)
    • Listing Posts (scheduled and as needed)
    • Event Posts (Open Houses & other events)
    • Success Story Posts (of SOLD listings)
    • Post Sharing (in relevant networks, groups & pages)
    • Reviews & Ratings (getting your previous clients to post reviews)
    • Limited comment management (Basic censorship & interactions)

Initially, we will give your business a social media presence a facelift (or establish one), build profile momentum, build your network, and place your profiles on a growth track for success. Ultimately, the goal is for the program to help you build & learn an easier marketing workflow for you and your business.  We will spend about 8 hours/month (2 hours/week) working on your program.  The initial stage (first month) will take about 5 to 8 hours in the Review, Building & Updating process.

Your role in this program will be to manage your community & page as needed; you will need to respond to any comments, messages & reviews left by your audience.  You will also need to post your Success Stories (and related photos) to your page.

We will need to know in advance when you plan to host special Networking Events or an OPEN HOUSE for a listing so we can create & publish events on your page that you will share in your own personal network & groups and we sill share them in our own networks & relevant groups.

How much will this cost?

Industry Snapshot: Social Media Marketing Services Industry Average for small business operations for 2019 is between $160 ~ $1,500 per month depending on needs and is typically billed annually (an average of $30/hr across the industry).  We are offering a specialized design of this service at a significant value.   (

Our introductory Winter 2020 ~ Summer 2021 enrollment will be a discounted rate at $80/month for a 6-month term ($480 total over 6 months).  A 10% discount is offered if the contract is paid in advance ($432 = $48 savings if paid in advance). This is about $10/hr for an average of 8 hours/month spent working on your social media profiles, which is about ⅓ the 2020 Market Value Cost for this type of specialized service.

Our growth plan includes hiring and training an additional Social Media Specialist in the Summer ~ Fall season so we can extend the program to more clients in the Summer ~ Winter season.

2021 Summer ~ Winter enrollment will still be discounted, but slightly closer to the market value at $160/month for a 6-month term ($960 total over 6 months).  The same 10% discount offer for contracts paid in advance ($864 = $96 savings if paid in advance). This is about $20/hr, which is ⅔ the 2020 Market Value Cost for this type of specialized service.  

2022 Spring ~ Summer enrollment is scheduled to be at $240/month for a 6-month term ($1,440 total over 6 months).  The same 10% discount offer for contracts paid in advance ($1,296 = $144 savings if paid in advance). This is about $30/hr, which is the 2020 Market Value Cost for this type of specialized service.  This rate may change based on 2021 market evaluations and research.

Our 10% discount offer will remain valid through the term and will be pro-rated based on the remaining term at the time of the decision to pay in advance. This allows you to pay monthly in the beginning, and if/when you decide to save 10% on your costs, you can pay the remaining term in advance and the discount will apply to that remaining amount.

Your rate will be fixed for a 6 month period after your contract ends. Your renewal rate will be the same as your initial contract rate for a year after the term has ended.  After that period (12 months total), the rate will be changed to the next tier for the next 6 months. 

After 12 months of continuous enrollment the introductory $80/mo ⅓ rate will move to $160/mo ⅔ rate; after the 18th month of continuous enrollment the $160/mo ⅔ rate will move to a market standard rate to be determined at the end of 2021; the Winter-Summer 2022 enrollment rate is projected to be around $240/mo, subject to change as the market value is reviewed in Fall of 2021.

Participation Requirement

This program is also intended to teach & coach you (as needed) in methods of Social Media Management, Marketing, and Lead Generation.  You will be expected to manage your page community (you are the HOA), respond to comments and messages from your audience and group shares (these are your leads), and to assist with contributing updated or real-time content as needed (new photos, success stories/ photos or a coming soon/ open house videos).

Professional Media Requirement

This program is designed to create, build and update an online presence to meet and exceed today’s professional standards of the real estate market.   The program requires the use of Professional Quality Media that meets or exceeds the quality standards that Avista Media produces and delivers to create a consistent and reliable presentation of brand value and professional services.  Avista Media can not allow our brand to be associated with 3rd party media products or services that do not represent the quality standards our brand delivers. While the use of our media services is not required for this program, professional quality media is required.  We can not be responsible for business decisions when ordering media services for business and projects, so we must respectively reserve the right to refuse to use or publish media that does not meet our standards.  We can not be held responsible for the effects of any content, quality or types of posts you create and publish on your own. 

Avista Media is a provider of several Professional Real Estate Services that are designed to improve and add to the brand value of our clients.  Your enrollment in this program includes access to Member Pricing for our services. You are encouraged to use our services to build and maintain a consistent level of perceived value that your potential clients are looking for in today’s market.  Our marketing products also make it much easier to perform Social Media Marketing as they are designed specifically for this purpose.

Interested in enrolling in this program?

There are only 5 openings for the first enrollment!

The button below will take you to our application (a Google Form).  When you complete the application, please give us a call to let us know that you submitted your Social Media Marketing Program Application so we can review it as soon as possible.  If all of the enrollment spots are taken, your application will be put on our waiting list (in order of qualified applications submitted) to be considered for the next available enrollment openings.

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