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Enjoy some of our articles about Real Estate Photography with tips on how you can sell real estate faster, for more money, and win referrals & listings!

Real Estate Photography

The 4 flavors of Real Estate Photography Amateur Photos are NOT processed with NO industry standard corrections applied (white balance, roll & verticals).  These photos are snapshots at best and are fine if you don’t care about your commission, perceived brand value, or potential referrals. Most agents and FSBO’s use this type of photography.  We DO NOT offer this flavor of Real Estate Photography. Professional Cellphone Photos are very lightly processed (exposure & contrast) with no editingContinue reading

Staging for Photos

Not the same as Staging for Showings. . . Real Estate Photos need to both look great and make sense to the average person.  Most people do not know what 1,000 Square Feet looks like, but most people can understand how big a room with a twin bed is – and that’s because we know the objects and not their sizes.  It’s because of this, that staging a space for maximum Visible Square Footage (VSQFT)Continue reading