Year: 2020

New Ordering Platform

Updated, Simpler, Complete & Efficient. Here is an overview of our new ordering platform. A simpler Check-Box system with categories for each type of package you might need, along with some options & extras makes it easier and more efficient to order services for your project.  Work Order Payments are now processed through Stripe, removing any direct connection with Personal Payment Credentials and promises a Secure Encrypted method of submitting payments online. Our new ordering platform notContinue reading

2020 FALL Special

2 Great Specials for October! FALL EXTERIOR PHOTOS Get 5 Exterior Fall Photos for just $50! We all know when the leaves are GONE, the exterior photos lose most of their “Life” from the blank trees and cold landscaping.  Leverage your clients with a perfect REASON to list with YOU by offering to have their Fall Exterior Photos done ahead of schedule! Find this special in the SHORT ORDERS section of our work order menu.ValidContinue reading

Aerial Photography

A view from above… Neighborhood Amenities Sometimes, a view from above is what it takes to tell the story of a property, other times it just looks great and adds value to a listing.  We offer Aerial Packages in 3, 6, and 12 packs to fit your projects needs. The NAR has repeatedly confirmed that Aerial Photography substantially increases most aspects of a sale, from less Days on Market all the way to increased Offers Continue reading

Business Tours

Showcase your business or facility with a 3D Virtual Tour. Give your online audience a look inside of your business or facility with a 3D Virtual Tour.  We call these “Business Tours” and they are the perfect way to showcase your business and facility 24 hours a day.  Our Business Tours can easily be embedded into most websites so viewers can tour your facility on your business website just like the following tours are onContinue reading

Measurements and Mapping

Measurement Devices There are many types of Laser Measurement Tools available that have a complicated variance in accuracy depending on the devices capabilities / methods used for performing measurements / calculations used to produce final measurement totals.  These devices can cost as little as $100 and as much as $50,000.  Ours is closer to the $5,000 range where most hand-held devices fall below $300. Most prudent Appraisers in today’s market use the hand-held laser devicesContinue reading

MLS Rules for Virtually Staged Photos

Avista Media offers Virtual Staging for Still Images and the Interactive 3D Images. RULES FOR VIRTUALLY STAGED MLS PHOTOS MLS rules are different for each state and sometimes areas, these rules apply to the MidTN area of the US, managed by RealTracs. If you are not located in the Middle Tennessee area, please check our MLS List to locate the MLS Agency for your area. Realtracs article (June 20, 2019) RealTracs has recently updated its RulesContinue reading

MLS List for the USA

Here is a compilation of the MLS agencies & organizations in the United States of America.  This list may not include the most current information and may not be complete.  Please let us know about any MLS agencies not listed here in the comments at the end of this page.  Thank you!  (06/2020) Alabama Baldwin County Association of REALTORS® Covington Association of REALTORS® Cullman Association of REALTORS® Dothan MLS Eufaula Board of REALTORS® Greater AlabamaContinue reading

Advanced Measurements & CAD Compatibility

Our Virtual Tours include CAD Compatible Floor Plans with optional an Advanced Measurements option for tours that will be used in building 3D Models. Q: Are your Floor Plans CAD Compatible? A: YES. The 2D Floor Plans are CAD compatible. The DXF file can be downloaded from your iGUIDE Report and imported into CAD programs. A 3D CAD Model can be created from 2D Floor Plans by extruding them upwards using ceiling & door heightsContinue reading

Marketing Media Licensing Policy

OUR MEDIA LICENSING POLICY: Protecting our clients investments & value: When Avista Media launched our Professional Services in 2016, we established a policy of Licensing Media to clients to prevent other professionals from unjustly taking advantage of our client’s investments & market leverage, and to preserve the market value of our services & our own business sustainability. With the launch of our Real Estate Services in 2018, we updated our policy to accommodate the RealContinue reading

Property Photography & COVID

Talk of the times. Avista Media Real Estate Services provides services for the marketing of property.  Since the marketing of a property involves many individuals and the COVID19 pandemic lingering around, the consideration of how homeowners can assist service providers entering their residence has become a strong topic in the Real Estate Services Industry.  Until the COVID19 pandemic is declared a minimal threat, it is wise for everyone to consider how real estate & creative professionals canContinue reading